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Peterborough Air Conditioning Specialists

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Peterborough Air Conditioning Specialists

As the UK gets hotter the benefits of air-conditioning are gradually being generally accepted. Now the additional benefits that are not immediately obvious are now being appreciated by those fortunate to have a good aircon system operating in their car.

Here are 8 top reasons to have aircon and have it serviced regularly:

  1. Reduce the in-car temperature to a comfortable level on hot days, without wind noise and being unable to hear the radio.

  2. With reuced noise young children and adult alike will quickly appreciate the extra quiet in the back.

  3. Aircon systems also conditions the air and have the ability to remove the moisture from the air. The Air Conditioning button will control the Humidity and the heater if needed will control the temperature leaving you free to enjoy the warmth without being stuffy.

  4. Moisture on the glass will be evaporated very rapidly so you can see through the windscreen and all the other glass clearly without a film of mist. The safety aspect of aircon is often overlooked. This happens with aircon systems long before a screen-heater has had a chance to warm up. De-misting affect of aircons is a good safety aspect for good all round visibility.

  5. The cleaner, fresher air with low Relative Humidity will enhance driver awareness and help prevent drowsiness when making long journeys. The driver over long distances will be better able to remain fresh, alert and safer for the driver and the passengers.

  6. Stuck in a long traffic jam on a hot sunny day can be purgatory with all the exhaust fumes coming straight into your open windows. It's even worst when dressed for business meeting getting wet under the arms and hot under the collar. This is the time when you wished that you had bought a car with aircon or you had serviced your current system so it was more efficient. Air Conditioning Systems is the nicest affordable luxuries at these times.

  7. Air entering this Aircon heat exchanger will contain dust and pollen, but by the time the air enters the cabin the vast majority of these pollutants will have been filtered out. It's estimated that approximately 80% of all dust and pollen is trapped in this way on each pass through the Air Conditioning system and this helps us all, but bring special relief to Hay Fever sufferers or Asthmatics.

  8. Fuel Consumption is improved by allowing all car windows to remain closed, even on the hottest days as the aerodynamics of the car remain at an optimum. Exterior noise is also kept to a minimum and increased safety to the driver and passengers as forign objects and insects can't come in as all the windows will be closed.

As Peterborough Air Conditioning Specialists we can:

  • Install complete Aircon Systems
  • Repair and maintain Air Conditioning units
  • Re-charge and service Aircon System